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Using Special Purpose Vehicles for Single Asset Venture Funds

MVCA members often have more access to deals than actual dollars to deploy. This leaves a lot of money on the table.

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Back to Basics – Four Reminders about Business for Early Stage Opportunity Identification

By Philip Mershon with Brian Bernstein and Sebastian Gomez-Puerto   The 2018 NVCA report just came out a few months ago. I couldn’t care less. It is, for some, interesting…

Sports Tech

The Business of Sports

By Alan Wink, Waylon Chin, Brian Bernstein, Joey Brander. Edited by Sebastian Gomez Puerto Private Equity investors have made personal investments in sports franchises in major leagues around the globe….

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Making Miami an Entrepreneurial Financial Center

The Miami Venture Capital Association produced an infographic describing how the Miami ecosystem can be turned into an Entrepreneurial Financial Center.

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Fixing Venture Capital in Miami Part 1

Written by Brian Bernstein, Chairman of the Miami Venture Capital Association.  With Herwig Konings, Waylon Chin, Sebastian Gomez-Puerto, and Philip Mershon. Miami will never be a great startup ecosystem unless…

Member Interview Series

An Interview with Andrew Sturner, Co-founder and Board Member AGP Miami

Herwig Konings (MVCA): Miami is a small community when it comes to startups. Can you tell us about your experience with how it has grown over time? Andy Sturner: Sure….

Member Interview Series

An Interview With Christian Seale, Managing Director of Startup Bootcamp

Herwig Konings (MVCA): Before we dive right in, please give us a quick bio on yourself for those of our readers who may not yet have heard about you. Christian…

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A Note From The Miami Venture Capital Association

MVCA launched a year ago with the general idea of bringing investors together to get deals done. Today, we are largely unknown to the world as a source of funding,…